Lady Captain’s Blog: End of Season Dinner Etc

Well, this weather is getting tedious now, so I reckon it’s time for a titter…


End of Season Dinner and Presentation

A fine array of table decorations greeted us this evening – all colourful and spooky – good job Bev!  Annie did a fine job as wine waiter for top table, though there was a little hilarity when she opened her top table gift, to find it included a lipstick-shaped ball marker.  “Annie wouldn’t know lipstick if it smacked her in the chops!”, or something like that, was the cry!

Anyhow, the main part of the evening was the prize presentation, so here’s a reminder of who won what….

Firstly a couple of prize presentations held over from last time our interim Prize Presentation in late September. On Thursday 20th July a Stableford Competition prize by Dorothy Merry.  Marjorie Dickinson, Cath Burgess and Lady Captain all had 33 points.  The runner up with 34 points was Barbara Hatton and the winner with 35 points Sue Barnsley.

On Thursday 24th August again a Stableford Competition Prize by Maureen Ashurst.  Pauline Pilkington, Lady Captain, Ann Atherton, Lady President and Karen Eckersley all had 34 points and the winner with 36 points was Karen Buckels.

On Thursday 7th September, Barbara Hatton had a nett 73, Michelle Sampson and Maureen Ashurst has nett 72 and the Winner with a fabulous 84- 15 -69 was Karen Buckels.

Now to our Team of 3 Competitions  – prizes for Sunday Competitions are £5.00 per person on your Bar cards for the winning team these are from 3 Prize Donors: Karen Eckersley, Joyce Hutchinson and Angela Shawcross.

On Sunday 1st October we played the first of our October team of 3 Competitions a Texas Scramble 2 teams took part due to Winter restrictions on the course, runners up were 2nd Liz Hartley, Pauline Pilkington & Valerie Gaskell with 51-7.2 – 43.8 an d the winners were Lady Captain, Kay Bibby & Andrea Shawcross with 51 – 8 – 43.

On Thursday our competition was postponed this week with the funeral of Peter Jennions and we played on the alternate day Tuesday 10th October the prizes were by Lynne Fagan, Liz Hartley and Barbara Hatton.

On Tuesday 10th October Texas Scramble team of 3 Competition reduced to 11 holes due to course restrictions  in 3rd place Lynne Fagan, Karen Eckersley and Valerie Gaskell had nett 42.1, Runners Up Lady Captain, Elaine Dawber and Cath Burgess had 41.7 and the winners with 40.6 were Ann Atherton, Roz Taylor and Sandra Brogan.

Sunday 8th October – 3 clubs and a putter in 3rd place were Anne Lumsden, Pat Entwistle and Karen Eckersley – Runners up were Pauline Pilkington, Kay Bibby and Lilian Houghton and the winners with 39 points Valerie Gaskell, Bev Fairhurst and Andrea Shawcross.

Thursday 12th October 3 Clubs and a Putter prizes by Barbara Lawson, Marjorie Dickinson and Sandra Brogan.  In 3rd place Pauline Pilkington, Jean Hughes and Elaine Dawber, runners up Anne Lumsden, Valerie Gaskell and Lilian Houghton with 38 points the winners had a fabulous score of 47 points Linda Bailey, Bobby Barnwell and Sandra Brogan.

On Sunday 15th October Yellow Ball Competition in 3rd place Anne Lumsden, Karen Eckersley and Margaret Valentine, Runners Up  – Lady Captain Lilian Houghton, Liz Hartley, and the winners with 39 points Lynne Fagan, Valerie Gaskell and Pat Entwistle.

On Thursday 19th October  Yellow Ball Competition  Prizes by Sue Wilson, Anita Moyster and Margaret Topping.  In 3rd place Pat Entwistle, Cath Burgess and Lady Captain, Runners Up Shirley McHugh, Elaine Dawber and Sue Barnsley and the winners with a superb 78 points Lynne Fagan, Bev Fairhurst, Marjorie Dickinson.

On Sunday 22nd October Reverse Waltz – Course Closed

Thursday 26th October was a Reverse Waltz with prizes by Gillian Smith, Ivy Wardle and Michelle Sampson. In 3rd place Ann Atherton, Lady President and Kay Bibby with 60pts. Runners-up were Lady Captain, Elaine Dawber and Lilian Houghton with 61pts, and the winners with 66 pts were: Sue Barnsley, Bev Fairhurst and Karen Eckersley.

Now we come to our Competitions that have been played for over the summer season from the 20th April until 7th September.

The Birdie Competition prize by Elaine Dawber – Lynne Fagan and Barbara Hatton had 5 birdies and the winner with a fabulous 9 birdies was our Lady Captain Di Grant

The Ring Competition is split in silver and bronze categories prizes by Pauline Pilkington and Ann Atherton both competitions were very competitive this year with a record number of people completing their ring, the handicap taken at the end of the season is 2 thirds of the closing handicap

In the silver division the competition was very close in 5th place was Lynne Fagan with a 75 – 10 – 65 in 4th place Michelle Sampson 73 – 8.667 – 64.333 in 3rd place Karen Buckels with 74 – 10 -64 and the runner up Lady Captain 71 – 8 – 63 and the winner with 70 – 7.333 – 62.667 is Barbara Hatton

In the bronze ring 4th place was Pauline Pilkington with 83 – 16 – 67 and in 3rd place was Ivy Wardle with 84 – 18 -66 and this year we have joint winners and the prize donor has kindly purchased 2 prizes thank you Annie, so with scores of 85 – 22.667 62.333 and 79 – 16.667 – 62.333 your Bronze ring prize winners are Cath Burgess and Joyce Hutchinson.

The Silver Eclectic Prize by Sue Barnsley handicap of 5/8 used to calculate the eclectic’s In 5th place Gillian Heaton with 73 – 12.5 = 60.50 in 4th place Barbara Hatton with 67 – 6.875 nett 60.125 in joint second place we have Lynne Fagan and Karen Buckels both with 69 – 9.375 nett 59 .625 and the winner is our Lady Captain with 63 – 7.5 – 55.50

The Bronze Eclectic Prize by Marian Hardman in 5th place with Joyce Hutchinson with 76 – 15.625 nett 60.375 –   joint 3rdh Place are Andrea Shawcross and Elaine Dawber with a nett of 60.125, in second place with a 81 – 21.25 nett 59.75 is Cath Burgess and the winner with a 75 – 16.25 nett 58.75 is Karen Eckersley.

And finally to conclude this year’s Prize presentation of summer golfing the club championship played over May, June, July and August and the best gross score from each month is added together.  Lynne Fagan finished with 354, Trish Finan finished on 352, Ann Atherton with 345, Lady Captain Diane Grant with 343 and this year’s Club Champion with a score of 340 is Barbara Hatton.

Cath Burgess was one of the ladies not available to collect their prizes.  Cath was far too busy sunning herself in Oz, delighting in sending photos of stupendous views.  Bored with your pics of blue skies, blue seas and sumptuous views now Burgess!  I had offered to collect any winnings for Cath, but Barbara Hatton had a far better idea: the prizes not collected would be held over to the Christmas Dinner.  Fine idea – and a lovely evening to hear some fine winners’ speeches!  So Cath, Karen Buckels, Joyce Hutchinson and Sue Barnsley, start composing!!  Great to see so many ladies together, including our house members.  Everyone plays their part in life at Hindley, thank you ladies.

As an aside, Dorothy Merry sent me a note following my visit to her on her incapacitation.  Here goes…. “Apologies for absence tonight.  I go to the fracture clinic next Tuesday, so hopefully they will remove the cast, though I’m not sure what will happen after ‘The Boot’!  Anyway I hope I shall be more mobile – stepping out of the house is a diminishing attraction and has been for 5 1/2 weeks.  PS: (Wait for it….)  Have got chaffing under my bust through sitting – you can tell ’em that!!”

Phew!!  Thanks Dorothy – “Roving Reportership” just never leaves you!


Friday Night Masters’ Presentation

Stewart and I were the lucky recipients of an invitation from Dave and Leigh Owen to the annual presentation and disco.  Dave and Leigh have been enjoying the delights of Slimming World and both looked fab!  Sat on their table alongside Captain and Glo, who had just become grandparents and were proudly showing off pics of the latest addition to the family.  I have to admit, all cute and cuddly – that’s the new grandchild. by the way, not Jim!!

The disco proved a challenge too far for Shirley, who did her best to direct the DJ’s music selections, but frankly failed miserably!  The DJ advised that he only had Soul or 1960s stuff.  It must be said the dancefloor did get quite lively when Tenpole Tudor’s “Swords of a Thousand Men” blast forth, with the gentlemen comandeering the dancing, led by Dave Baines and Craig Gaskell.  I’ve always had a soft spot for old ‘Tenpole’, and suggested Captain and I might use it as our first dance at the forthcoming Mixed Dinner.  Jim didn’t seem to quite share my enthusiasm.  In fact, I’d say the look on his face was a mix of pure dread and fear!

Eric Highton took the majority of the spoils this evening, being duly presented with his Masters’ sweater by last year’s winner Dave Hughes.  Shirley ran one of her money-raising boards with Gary Wright the popular winner.  Actually, “boos” resounded the room!!  “He always wins!” was the cry!!


Winter League Snippets

Where to begin…?  Well, Andrea always comes up with something special and her trick shot on the ninth when playing with me and Liz was a joy.  Picture the scene: Liz was to my left, poised by her drive – down the middle as per usual – ball perched on mat in readiness for its launch onto the green.  Andrea was to my right, ball sitting nicely, patiently waiting to be smacked onto the green.  Well, smacked it certainly was – straight past my knees like an exocet it went.  It honed in mercilessly on Liz’s ball, which didn’t stand a chance.  Andrea’s ball made a direct hit on Liz’s, bashing it completely amidships, causing Liz’s ball to leap wildly into the air, well away from the mat.  “Crikey Andrea, bet you couldn’t do that again!”  We were all in pleats after the initial wonderment of the shot.  You see that’s what golf is about: those moments of pure joy that stay with you.  Counting down to the next game already!

Liz, Lynna and Barbara are progressing very nicely with their Christmas Hamper selection.  Liz brought one down to the main lounge after our game to help tempt the gentlemen in situ to buy a few tickets.  £60 had been amassed in no time – not a bad start.  Liz, I don’t know what you said to Ebby Dick and Brian Wardle, but you clearly had them in the palm of your hand.  Definitely talent for selling snow to eskimoes, I reckon!

On the Tombola front, Shirley’s little face lit up when a huge bag of tombola goodies arrived, courtesy of Mark Rooney.  Can’t wait for the Children’s Christmas Party – should be a blast!


Jean’s Retirement Lunch

It was a real treat to see so many people sharing in Jean’s Retirement Lunch.  There must have been about 70 people in the main lounge at Hindley, sharing happy memories with Jean as she takes her leave of Hindley Hall, and of golf.  Jean didn’t want any fuss, but we couldn’t let the occasion go by without a presentation of flowers as a thank you for the lunch, and an invitation for Jean to say a few words.  Lucky it wasn’t me – I’d have been in bits!

Jean talked about friendships formed over the years, and memories – how she had a memory for each person in the room.  Jean was even brave enough to mention Audrey Crossland’s “Hamlet” moment in a bunker – let’s just say it took some time and effort for Audrey to extricate herself from said sand trap!

My overriding memory of Jean (apart from when she caddied for me in a Bell Cup match at Withington and my car broke down on the way home) is of Jean, Jean, Hindley’s Fairy Queen at the Charity Golf Day this year.  A lovely lady, a great sport, and someone who will be sorely missed.  Jean, do pop back and see us some time!!


Centenary Reminiscences

Just in case anyone ahsn’t seen this, it’s a newspaper page from Hindley’s Centenary events in 2005.  There’s a copy posted in the ladies locker room if this size is a little on the small side for your mince pies!!


Mixed Dinner

Always a lovely evening, and an honour to be on top table with such illustrious guests:  Mr Captain and Gloria Eastham; Mr President and Angela Shawcross; Lady President and Alan Pomfret; Captain of Haydock Park Cliff Anderson and his wife Shelley; and Stewart (now President of South Lancs Golf League!).  It was interesting to hear Cliff say that, not only do Haydock not have a Lady Captain for 2018, but that their ladies’ membership has dropped from 110 to 45 in number.  It’s a scary world for golf clubs at the moment.

The first dance is led off by Captain and Lady Captain, and we’d arranged a perky little ditty to lead off with.  However the artist, on a mad dash to us from a venue in Lancaster, started with a slowie instead, so Captain and I enjoyed a shuffle rather than a boogie.  I suspect money may have changed hands to arrange this ‘faux pas’, as I don’t think Mr C is quite ‘Twinkle Toes’ and he did look positively relieved not to have to boogie!

We were entertained very well by our vocalist, Martin Gregory-Lambert, who was a semi-finalist from Britain’s Got Talent this year with his daughter Faye.  Very impressive – singer and comedian too.

The food was superb, and the guests positively in awe of the clubhouse.  It was great to see so many ‘red jackets’ on the dancefloor with their glamorous wives and partners.  Also good to hear Captain make reference to the ladies’ charity fundraising activities in his speech – not just the Charity Golf Day, but also the clubhouse and course decoration.  I do believe there was a bit of a blush there in relation to the decorations – woohoo!!