Lady Captain’s Blog – Ladies Dinner – March 2017

It was an honour to be able to greet guests alongside Lady Captain of Captains of the Chorley and District Past Lady Captains’ Association (phew!) aka Val Gaskell. We even had our very own Door Manager in Mr Graham Bailey, who provided the perfect entrance for our glamorous ladies, even finding an umbrella to escort ladies in from their cars when the weather turned a little inclement.

Close-up Magician “Devlin” treated ladies to a vast range of card tricks and pure magic as they assembled in the Members’ Bar before dinner. He continued through the dinner, entertaining everyone with his easy-going manner and mind-blowing tricks. I still can’t understand how the penny in the glass I was holding disappeared – that just can’t happen! I saw many ladies mesmerised by his magic and his swift turn of hand. Devlin, you did us proud, thank you!

The food was amazing – thank you Bev – many ladies commented, both during the evening and afterwards, and the lamb in particular just dropped off the bone. Yummy! The desserts were pretty good too, as evidenced by one of my guests – Wendy Chisnall, who managed two!! I have absolutely no idea where tiny Wendy puts it all!!

We had our usual bevvy of beauties – otherwise known as our Wine Waiters – who did a fine job of keeping everyone wined and watered! (Makes us sound like geraniums!!) Our stable this year comprised: Captain Jim Eastham, Immediate Past Captain Paul Cottenden, aka ‘HB’ (Has Been), Lady Captain’s hubby Stewart Grant, Lady Vice Captain’s hubby Graham Bailey, Chairman of Social Alan Whalley, Chairman of Greens Ken Finch, and last but not least, BGA Team Captain Nigel Bate. Gentlemen, you were very sporting, and made a real difference to the evening, thank you.

Paul Cottenden reckoned he’d drawn the short straw of the tables – the one with his beloved Sue Kearney on. I believe PC was kept very much on his toes all evening! Nigel Bate found himself with a table of groupies, as it transpired that Jean Hughes had taught Nigel at school. (Jean, you don’t look old enough!). When the gentlemen returned to the main lounge to be introduced to the ladies after dinner, Nigel was missing, so we had chants of ‘We want Nigel’ from Jean’s table. That’s a first for the ladies’ dinner – steady girls!!

I must mention Mr Captain’s arrival. Jim had kindly offered to mount my drive-in ball on a small plinth, and he arrived with said memento in hand. Unfortunately, a split second later, the ball was in the air, the plinth on the ground and a repair job was needed. Not to be daunted, Captain coolly recovered the parts and, that very evening, repaired the plinth, which now sits proudly (and safely) at home in our display case for all things golfy. Thanks Captain – a lovely memento.

Sue Wilson did her usual sterling job in producing the floral centrepieces for the table, thank you Sue. When the draw for the flowers came to Sue’s table, she even won them, and proudly took them home to her mother. The place cards and table plan were produced by Margaret Burrows – thank you Margaret – I don’t know how you keep finding different styles for your designs year after year!

Elaine Dawber produced a fine array of music for dancing after the formal proceedings, and it was great to see ladies letting their hair down. We have some good times at Hindley, both on and off the course, and this, certainly for me, was one to remember. People who don’t play golf, or who play but don’t get involved in the social side really have no idea what they’re missing!! Thanks everyone!!