Captains’ Blog 18 March

The Archie Preston first round looms (26 March). Thanks to all for supporting the event. This is a first for Hindley Hall – it’s the only one of the Manchester and District Knockouts we haven’t entered before as a club. Hopefully it is the start of something we will continue to enter for many years, but it does depend on people supporting it and being prepared to get involved and maybe sometimes play with partners they may not have encountered before. Go on, live dangerously! We’re only on this earth once, so let’s enjoy it!!

The Ladies’ Waltz Competitions (12 & 16 March), as always, generated some discussion over the routine of the waltz – 1,2,3 or 3,2,1? Due to the way the course is set up, ladies generally prefer the Reverse Waltz (3,2,1 – ie, 3 scores to count on the first, 2 on the second, one on the third, etc). So there were some glum faces as realisation dawned that today’s comp was a straightforward 1,2,3 Waltz “Darn it, all scores to count on the third hole?!”

I came into the clubhouse hearing Elaine Dawber and Cath Burgess positively raving about their games. “I scored 28 points on my own” started Cath Burgess. Having enjoyed Cath talking me through her round (what a relief we only played 11 holes!!), I then encountered Elaine, who was clearly thrilled to have her first ever par on the 5th – no mean feat – along with some great scores on other holes too. I look forward to seeing these ladies thrive during 2017!

Great to see Cath Burgess, Sue Barnsley and Gill Heaton as winners – congrats girls – superb scoring (48 points, no less), even if one team member (Gill Heaton) was definitely too brown after her recent sojourn to warmer climes.

Can’t wait to see what scores come in from the Scramble this next Thursday – I’d better bring ye olde ear plugs!!